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Construction Yard Next to Juniper Point?

March 20, 2014

On March 20, I posted about the issue regarding the equipment placed south of Juniper Point subdivision (see below). I have since spoken with a resident of Juniper Point that has raised some points that need to be investigated further. Although I trust the statements made by Momentum that they will not operate a sand and gravel operation in the location in question, further arguments have been given that warrant further discourse and examination with our legal department. I appreciate all who have contacted me about this and will continue to investigate this matter with advice from our attorney. I appreciate your patience.

I am receiving many questions from residents that live in the Juniper Point area about J Wright setting up equipment just south of their development. Those that have come to me with complaints have also expressed concern that a sand and gravel operation are not permitted use in this area. I will address both issues in this post.

First, J Wright and the Momentum Development Group are not setting up a sand and gravel operation in the area where their equipment is being stored. They are simply moving and staging equipment at the location.  J Wright and Momentum are moving some of their storage equipment from Rosecrest Road and Juniper Crest Road to this location. I have contacted Momentum, and they are not planning any sand and gravel operation at this specific location, although they will store equipment, fuel, and materials there. Momentum has stated this storage site will be temporary as they begin construction on the extension of Juniper Crest Road and a subdivision just to the south of the storage area.

There are plans that as development continues, Juniper Crest Road will be extended south and east. This can be clearly seen on the 2025 General Plan. By having equipment closer to the next phase of development, J Wright will be able to stay efficient as they work to ready this land for the necessary improvements. I anticipate that this will happen within the next year or so.

permitted_use_mapKeep in mind, J Wright and Momentum are permitted to have a sand and gravel operation near this location under certain parameters, as issued in a 2008 permit they applied for and obtained from the Herriman City Planning Commission. (See the shaded area on the attached map, for a full version click HERE.)  You’ll see that they will need to follow strict conditions such as limit the hours of operation, limit the area that is disturbed, and so on.

In speaking with Momentum, I was assured that they only employ sand and gravel operations as a means to develop a project. I must add that this has been my experience over the past six years as I have interacted with Momentum’s management team – they carry out a sand and gravel operation only as it makes sense to develop the area, obtain all necessary permits, and leave the land improved and ready for home construction.

J Wright and Momentum will continue to be good neighbors with residents as the development south and east of the Juniper Point subdivision continues. I appreciate all who have contacted me directly and have taken the time to investigate this issue for themselves. Please share this post with your neighbors as many do not have all of the particulars at their disposal.

Best Cities For Home Ownership in Utah

March 4, 2014

under constructionNerdWallet, a company dedicated to helping you guard your hard earned money, analyzed the 47 cities with populations greater than 15,000 in Utah to determine which cities have characteristics that are favorable to homebuyers. Their analysis answers three main questions:

1. Are homes available?  This company looked at the metro area’s homeownership rate to determine the availability of homes. A low homeownership rate is likely a signal of competitive inventory, more options for renters rather than buyers and expensive housing. Areas with a high homeownership rate led to a higher overall score.

2. Can you afford to live there? NerdWallet looked at median household income, monthly homeowner costs and median home value to assess affordability and determine whether residents could live comfortably in the area. We used monthly homeowner costs to measure cost of living. Areas with high median incomes and low cost of living scored higher.

3. Is the area growing? They measured population growth to ensure that the area is attracting new residents and showing signs of solid growth. This is likely a signal of a robust local economy, which is another attractive characteristic for homebuyers.

The Top 5

1. Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs has the highest population growth on our list at 21.8%. The lakeside location offers gorgeous views and easy access to the lake with the 8-acre public City Marina for boating and other water sports. The area was originally a resort built around the natural hot springs and still maintains a quiet, rural atmosphere with convenient access to the larger metro areas of Salt Lake City and Provo-Orem. It is also near three colleges, including Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah Valley University in Orem and the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Skiers and snowboarders enjoy the close proximity to resorts like Snowbird and Alta.

 2. Eagle Mountain

The high homeownership rate (87.6%) and low homeowner costs at 27.4% of household income make home buying in Eagle Mountain easy and affordable. At its incorporation in 1996, there were just 250 residents, and that number has since grown to more than 23,000, making it one of the fastest-growing communities in Utah and the third-fastest growing on our list at a rate of 18%. Located at the western base of the Lake Mountains, residents enjoy plenty of open space in a community that includes more than 30 miles of jogging, bike and horse trails in its master plan. The local government offers incentive packages to new businesses, including land and utilities concessions, with extra incentives for the tech industry, which dominates job growth in the area.

3. Syracuse

Syracuse is extremely buyer-friendly with 92.5% of its residents owning their homes – the highest rate on our list – and contributing only 23.5% of their household incomes to homeowner costs – the lowest percentage on our list. It is next to the Great Salt Lake, and skiing is less than an hour away at Snowbasin and Wolf Mountain. Known as the “Gateway to Antelope Island,” Syracuse offers access to myriad outdoor activities, including camping, boating and snowshoeing. With close proximity to Hill Air Force Base, the federal government is the top employer for this area.

4. Herriman City

view lotThe second-fastest growing city on our list, Herriman grew by 19% between 2010 and 2012, and residents like its family-friendly atmosphere and safe neighborhoods. The 1,000 acres of open space, parks and trails, a community garden, a skate park and the largest recreational center in Salt Lake County offer a rural atmosphere with plenty to do. Strong consumer demographics – a median age of 24.7 and median household income of $76,509 – predict continued economic growth, making it a great place to start a business. It’s also a great place to seek an education – the University of Utah in nearby Salt Lake City is among the top 100 universities in the world.

5. Clinton

New residents needn’t worry about their pocketbooks because Clinton City has the lowest median selected monthly homeowner costs at $1,376, and 85.7% of its residents are homeowners. The federal government is the top employer for this area, as it is close to Hill Air Force Base. The city has a diverse mix of farming, residential and commercial areas. Though much of the farmland has been replaced by housing, the city still maintains a quiet, rural atmosphere, but lies close enough to Salt Lake City for easy access.

Rankings – The Numbers


Upcoming Development Near MVC

February 24, 2014

Development is coming near the Mountain View Corridor and Rosecrest Road. I have had some requests recently from residents to outline what is planned for this area of Herriman. A new development just east of Mountain View Corridor, The Meadows, will begin to develop this Summer as Rosecrest Road will be extended east of the MVC in June of this year. I anticipate homes being built in The Meadows this Summer, which will stimulate more development in this area of Herriman. I will mention that Juniper Crest Road will not be extended this year. I anticipate this extension to be at least two years out.

It is also noteworthy that plans are continuing which will bring Salt Lake Community College to Herriman. The attached map will help to see how this development will be oriented with respect to roads and homes that already exist in town. As more details become available regarding this development, I will continue to share what new information is available.Development Around MVC

Spring Sports in Herriman

February 19, 2014

sportsSpring is right around the corner and members of your family may want to know where to sign up for Spring sports and recreation programs that are offered in Herriman. Check out all that Herriman has to offer by going to our sports and recreation section of our website. With soccer, baseball, lacrosse and more, there is something for everyone.

Herriman Live Auditions

February 18, 2014

Herriman Live! talent show auditions will be held this Friday, February 21st from 3-7pm and Saturday, February 22nd from 1-3pm at the Herriman City Hall. Register for an audition @ Herriman Live! is March 1st at 7pm at FHMS.Herriman Live 2014 Audition Poster

Herriman Arts Council: Shrek

February 14, 2014

The Herriman Arts Council is gearing up for their musical production of SHREK. Auditions will be held April 4th and 5th at Herriman City Hall. Sign up for an audition time at Musical

Kali Buhler Making a Difference

February 13, 2014

Kali BuhlerKali Buhler, our very own Miss Herriman, participated in a clothing drive to help out Big Brothers Big Sisters a few days ago, receiving several donations. We appreciate Kali’s work, as well as Munchkin Radio, Smith’s Food and Drug, and all those who donated items to assist this program that works with children to help them realize their potential and strengthen communities. For more information about Big Brothers Big Sisters, go to


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