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Kennecott’s Cornerstone Project

February 10, 2011

This cross section of the Bingham Canyon Mine shows the significant resources still available

Last night I attended Kennecott Copper’s open house at Herriman City Hall.  Representatives from Kennecott were in attendance to answer questions about the Cornerstone Project.  This plan calls for pushing back the south wall of the mine about 1,000 feet and deepening the mine approximately 300 feet to reach an additional 700 million tons of ore resource.  This project could extend the life of the mine for many years to come.  This extension has tremendous economic impact for Salt Lake County. 

According to a study by the University of Utah’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research, Kennecott Utah Copper and Rio Tinto contributed $900 million to the local economy in the form of jobs, taxes and purchases from 1,000 Utah area businesses.  I appreciate the time taken by representatives from Kennecott to answer my questions relating to this project.  If you have questions about the Cornerstone Project, you can check out their website or attend an open house. 

For more information regarding the Cornerstone Project, see Kennecott’s website:

Quick facts on this issue:

For an open house schedule:

East-facing view of the mine and the proposed pushback area

Cross section of the extension zone showing rock to be removed and accessible ore

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