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Kali Buhler Making a Difference

February 13, 2014

Kali BuhlerKali Buhler, our very own Miss Herriman, participated in a clothing drive to help out Big Brothers Big Sisters a few days ago, receiving several donations. We appreciate Kali’s work, as well as Munchkin Radio, Smith’s Food and Drug, and all those who donated items to assist this program that works with children to help them realize their potential and strengthen communities. For more information about Big Brothers Big Sisters, go to

2013 Update

February 6, 2014

2013 was a busy year in Herriman! I wanted to give a brief sketch of some of the happenings in our city, reporting what different city departments have accomplished in our community.


CJOne of the biggest accomplishments in the past year for the Streets Department was the persistent amount of crack sealing done in preparation for the chip seal project on Rose Crest Road and portions of Main Street. Not only did the Streets Department crack seal almost every inch of both roads, they saw-cut and laid down over 200 tons of asphalt to these roads. This work was accomplished in the hot temperatures of the summer months.

street pic 2013 060In addition to keeping all 242 lane miles of road in the city plowed in the Winter, the Streets Department also worked on the Valley View spillway, constructed 7 ADA ramps on the parkway, and replaced a hundred sections of sidewalk. Herriman City is fortunate to have several gifted fabricators and welders that are able to save the city money by constructing many of our own storm drain grates and other items that require this skillset. They also replaced over 360 street signs which include the new city logo. Street sweeping, storm drain maintenance, new development street sign installs, heavy equipment operating, the list is endless of what these people can do.


The Building Department has been committed to be active, engaged and involved in the safety of our community. The Building Department processed 492 new single family dwellings and 159 residential townhome units – a total increase of 153 residential permits over last year. This has kept the office busy and the inspectors even busier!


13400 S Storm drain 2The Engineering Department has kept busy with a large assortment of new subdivisions to review, approve, and inspect. Our city engineers were also heavily involved in the construction of improvements to the Blackridge Reservoir Park, Blackridge trails, and sidewalks along Herriman Parkway and 5600 West to the new Copper Mountain Middle School. The city also constructed a storm drain line across 13400 South through Riverton City to Rose Creek, and then widened 13400 South. City engineers are currently in the process of updating the Transportation Master Plan.


DSCN0464Herriman City hosted many events in 2013. Herriman City participated in over 30 successful city sponsored events and 50 special permitted events. In addition, our partnerships with the local sports and recreation associations as well as Herriman Arts Council have kept Herriman Events staff busy. Their Motto: Divide and Conquer and of course work every weekend.


DSC_0037Herriman City has a wonderful partnership with the UPD and UFA. Whether getting rained on and blown away by inclement weather at our neighborhood meetings, flipping pancakes at the annual Memorial Day breakfast, roping and hog-tying a firefighter for the Rodeo crowd amusement or participating in a tug-of-war at the Black Ridge beach, the employees of UPD and UFA are always involved in our community. The UFA collaborated with the city on placement and design of the Firebreak Trail which later ensured Station 103 and 123 could gain quick control of the August 24th fire. Together with city employees, these individuals searched for a missing child, conducted emergency drills, corralled young children at Farm Field days, mopped up after a flood, and much more. I am grateful that we have such a great relationship with our associates of the UFA and UPD.


The John D. Stillman Well was drilled last winter, finishing in early 2013. This well will produce 3,000 gallons a minute and will provide culinary water throughout the entire city beginning in 2014. The Water Department also completed a Parks and Open Space tie-over to the Hamilton and the John D Stillman Well line. They began connecting parks water services to raw water transmission lines from wells to reduce costs, thus saving money for the entire system, which translates to greater efficiency and savings to the entire community. This tie in will save by not watering Butterfield Park with Jordan Valley water and by not having to chemically treat the water before using it for outdoor irrigation. Our water department is currently working on plans to increase our culinary storage capacity by another 5 million gallons as they get ready for construction of a new water tank near 118000 South.


2013 was a busy year for the Parks Department. The Valley Vista Park is finally complete after being suspended in 2008 due to the recession. This park was one of the first projects tackled by the Parks Department.

The Black Hawk 2 Park, seeded with a wildflower and tall grass mix, is a new low-maintenance and low-water consumption exercise park located at the very north end of 6400 West.

photo (12)The Parks Department removed the older play structure at the Roselina Park and replaced it with a new formation that the kids love. Herriman is working towards a gaining more trails in our city. The Firebreak Trail will provide not only a safety component to our city, but will provide recreation opportunities for trail runners and those seeking outdoor adventures.

The Parks and Events Departments were presented with a concept by Edge Motorsports to build a Mini Motocross Track and allow participants from all around the County to race and train in Herriman. After negotiations and approval, several departments including Engineering, Streets, Water, Street Lights, Facilities and of course Parks and Events collaborated to construct this track. Herriman employees work together to accomplish great things!

IMG_2712Finally, the park at Black Ridge Reservoir was completed. This was a huge accomplishment for the whole city! Together, staff completed the landscaping and completed a snack shack. Every department contributed to our success in opening on a tight deadline. We installed a new play structure and rubber surfacing, a new large pavilion, smaller pavilions and new picnic tables, and finished a new portion of the trail system on top of the reservoir and below.Parks 2

The 2025 General Plan

December 20, 2013

Future_Land_UseLast night the Herriman City Council passed the 2025 General Plan. The General Plan helps guide a variety of decisions in the City, from the size of new roads to future park needs. The Future Land Use 2025 map is the proposed plan for the future build out of Herriman City. Currently undeveloped areas on the North and East sides of town will begin to see construction in the coming years. The General Plan will guide the development that will be approved in these areas. I am grateful to the city planners, planning commission members, many informed and involved residents, and city council members who have spent hours scrutinizing the 2025 plan.

The city has had several meetings since May of 2013 involving residents, planning commission members, the city council, and outside consultants to help all of us come up with a plan that is in the best interest of Herriman and its residents. We have seen significant changes since we incorporated in 1999. When Herriman was first incorporated, many of the lots in town were sized for horses, and our population was right around 1,000. Today we have a population in excess of 30,000. The housing market has changed. The southwest corner of the Salt Lake Valley will see incredible growth in the next 20 years. The 2025 plan was our attempt to meet the upcoming challenges we face while working to maintain a sense of the open rural feel that Herriman residents have come to love.

I am attaching a copy of the 2025 General Plan. There is one significant change that was made to this plan on December 16, 2013. On slide 41 the plan indicates that for future land use Herriman will have 3.6% be attributed to high density. After further deliberations with staff and council, this number has been reduced to 2.6%. This is the plan that passed on 12/19/13.

2025 Herriman Landuse Plan


Increasing Benefits For Herriman’s Mayor

December 20, 2013

Last night the Herriman City Council unanimously voted YES regarding ordinance no 13-40 “An ordinance changing (increasing) benefits to the Herriman City Mayor.”

What does this mean?

Carmen Freeman was elected to serve as Herriman’s mayor in our recent election last November. His term will cover Jan 2014-Dec 31 2018. With the recent changes regarding the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the council thought it prudent to look into health and dental benefits for our newly elected mayor, knowing that he will be working over 30 hours a week on behalf of the residents of Herriman City.

The council discussed making health and dental benefits available to our mayor (and future mayors who serve) as long as they are not working outside of this role for more than 30 hours a week. This provision was meant to insure that our mayor and future mayors will receive health benefits if he or she is working the majority of their time representing us.

The consequence to the budget each year is approximately $8,200 a year.

The ordinance reads as follows:

“The council has determined that it is in the best interest of the citizens of Herriman to increase the salary (or compensation) and/or other benefits offered to the mayor as follows: If a mayor is not employed as a regular full time employee (an average of 30 hours per week) or who is employed by another employer at less than full time status (an average of 30 hours per week) then the mayor may participate in the city’s sponsored health insurance, dental, and vision plans and the city shall pay a portion of the Mayor’s health, dental, and vision insurance premium in an amount equivalent to the monthly premium the city pays for insurance coverage offered by the city sponsored plans; provided that the mayor will be allocated no executive or compensatory leave. Additional benefits, based on an approved budget, may include mobile phone or wireless services, computer, laptop, tablet or other technology, access to a city vehicle for official city business, life insurance, and 401K plan participation. The mayor will not be required to submit time records.”

SelectHealth premiums 2013 – 2014

PEHP Dental Premiums 2013-2014

Herriman’s Mayor Resigns

August 15, 2013

Last week (August 8th) was challenging due to unexpected changes in the City’s leadership as the mayor resigned from office. The formal process of accepting this resignation was completed in last Thursday night’s Council meeting. There has been a lot of discussion regarding the process for replacing the mayor along with speculation as to who would fill the role until the duly elected mayor takes office in January. The process is defined by state statute to replace the vacancy.

Leadership Transition

The following timeline will help those interested understand the process in replacing the mayor as we go through this transition.  Many residents in Herriman have been following some of this in the news and have asked me questions regarding this topic, wondering what comes next as we move forward between now and when the new mayor is elected and takes office on January 1, 2014.

•From now until August 26th, there is an open application process for anyone desiring to put their name in for consideration to the appointment of Mayor. State statute requires a 14 day application process. The council is asking that those applying fill out an application form and submit a resume.
•On Tuesday, August 27th, the City Council will meet to appoint the interim mayor. In that meeting, we may or may not ask each applicant to make comments. We may review all applications and then just announce the appointment. Or, we may ask each applicant to take a few minutes to tell us why they should be the mayor in that meeting.
•Once announced, the interim mayor will take the oath of office, likely that night, and serve until the newly elected mayor takes the oath of office in January 2014.
•Between now and the swearing in of the interim mayor, the mayor pro tempore will fulfill the duties of Herriman City Mayor. This person is Councilman Robinson.

The Council is receiving a lot of input on who should or shouldn’t serve as the interim mayor- I have had many calls and emails with suggestions. We are open to all suggestions and appreciate those who have an opinion to share. It is very unlikely we will select any of the existing mayoral candidates as this would disrupt the normal democratic process. Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us if you so desire.

Herriman welcomes our first Net Zero Home

July 31, 2013

zero_homeHerriman has its first Net Zero Home – something you will want to check out! Everyone is invited to the open house tomorrow on Thursday, August 1st, 2013 from 9:30 AM – 12:00 noon to see a home unlike any you have seen before. This home is located at 5047 West Ambermont Drive (approximately 14862 South) in Herriman. This home is just east of the reservoir in Herriman.

Speakers at this open house include Utah Lt. Govenor Greg Bell, Sam Rashkin (US Department of Energy: Chief Architect of the Building Technologies Office in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy), Todd Pedersen (CEO, Vivint and Vivint Solar), Bryson Garbett (CEO, Grabett Homes).

Garbett has been building homes for over 30 years and has built over 4,000 homes in more than 30 communities. Garbett Homes is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am told that this is the first production Net Zero home constructed by Garbett Homes. Garbett is currently building solar-powered homes, townhomes and apartments with HERS (Home Energy Rating System) scores in the 30’s. Garbett is one of only a few builders in the US that has been able to achieve very low HERS scores with production homes and remain competitive in the marketplace.

This home on 5047 West Ambermont Drive is the first Net Zero Energy Production Home in Utah, and has been officially been certified HERS Zero by third party federal energy raters. It is one of the only Net Zero Production Homes in Climate Zone 5 with an actual HERS score of Zero. This home will receive power bills of zero dollars (the home produces as much energy as it consumes). This home will be featured in the Salt Lake Parade of Homes (August 2 – 17, 2013)

The home is equipped with a complete Home Automation System allowing the homeowner to control the thermostat, view energy consumption and generation in real-time and lock or unlock doors and turn off lights from a mobile phone or internet enabled device.

With a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Score of Zero, this home is 100% more energy efficient than brand-new code-built homes in Utah.

This is the first home in Utah to receive the U.S. Department of Energy Challenge Home Certification

The home is Energy Star 3.0 Qualified

This home has 3-5 Bedrooms, 2.5-3.5 Bathrooms, full unfinished basement, 4-car Garage,
4,335 total Square Feet


New Speed Limit for Mountain View Corridor

June 30, 2013

Since the construction of Mountain View Corridor, I have received several requests that the city look into the speed limit (currently 45MPH) on Mountain View Corridor. I am sure that UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation) has received much input on this as well. UDOT has been doing speed studies on the Mountain View Corridor.  As a result of these studies they have determined to raise the speed limit to 55 MPH. I do not know when these changes are to take place, but when the date is announced, I will make it public. Speed Study


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